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Bobbie Jo is an “outdoors girl” to the core! She loves Starbucks, driving her scooter or spending the mornings on her paddle board. She loves to run & workout. Why? She say's "I am 5 ‘2 and I LOVE good food."  She enjoys pretty makeup, good hair products, comfy/unusual/ cute shoes, Bobbie Jo has a water bottle with her at all times, has to have gloss or chapstick on her lips and you will never see her outside without sunglasses. She has been married to her high school love for 29 years. Together, they have 3 adult kids-Tanner, Hunter & Riverbeth, +one daughter in law- Mckenna, who is married to Tanner.  Bobbie Jo also has one 2 year old standard poodle named Oliver. She lives for date nights, loves to decorate, and has a thing for birthdays. She also loves to read and learn. Travel is her favorite hobby! Bobbie Jo has a deep desire to explore, photograph, taste and see cultures different than her own. She wears athletic clothes probably more than she should. (Her words not mine) She says her heart beats best to music with good base, She doesn't enjoy to be cold except when she snow skis, and the beach is where her soul feels most at home. 



Bobbie Jo has spent years perfecting her craft in photography, 21 years to be exact.The past 21 years have been full of countless hours of education in the classroom and attending the best photography workshops all over the country. It’s been investing in the highest quality/professional equipment- cameras, lenses, lighting (lots of lights), programs, computers, books, backup drives, and lots of gadgets to make everything run smooth and work efficiently.  It has been lot of time, love, passion, effort, investment, grit, and"get it" poured into the recipe to achieve the success of an established/ 20 year/ full time/ boutique photography studio.  For this we know...It’s been a lot of us and our hard work and most importantly, it's been the gift of Gods sweet blessing on our business and for that we are so thankful and inspired to press forward to another year.